We supply powerchairs that can be modified to ensure complete comfort and style.

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Stairlifts can enable you to gain independence within your home

Do you require a quality stairlift to give you easy access to the higher floors of your home?

Bristol’s Mobility Centre offers a range of installed straight and curved stairlifts which come with a wireless remote control which is simple to use.

When you choose us for mobility aid products, you’re sure to receive individual attention.

Stairlifts are designed to take the hassle and stress out of climbing your staircase. Many find that making drastic lifestyle changes is not easy for them but a stairlift is the perfect solution!

Lady sitting in her stairlift travelling up the stairs

Restore Your Independence With a Stairlift

When it becomes difficult or dangerous to climb your stairlift, you may understandably feel as if you have a lack of independence. Moving into a lower room of your property or moving into a bungalow is simply not an ideal solution for many homeowners who want to enjoy complete independence.

Stairlifts are fully automated with a simple to use wireless remote control. This ensures that you can travel up and down your staircase with ease and safely. Your carer or loved ones may also be at risk of an accident if you are finding it hard to climb the stairs. However, you can be assisted in being placed into your stairlift and assisted in safely exiting your stairlift if you need this. This increases everybody’s safety and removes the stress of finding it difficult to climb the stairs.

Take advantage of our services:

  • Free installation
  • Free home assessments
  • Free local delivery
  • Free catalogue
  • We have dedicated staff who provide personalised services and advice about all kinds of stairlift

You can visit our centres in Bristol, Paulton (near Bath) and Swindon for a consultation with our specialists to discuss your mobility aid requirements or contact us to arrange an assessment.

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